The ultimate EHS bucket list: 19 things every EHS student should do before they graduate

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The ultimate EHS bucket list: 19 things every EHS student should do before they graduate

Brooke Sheehy, administration beat lead

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  • During a block period, go on a “field trip” with Señor Díaz to Los Padres, the Mexican Restaurant in the Cahill shopping area, and eat as many items on the menu as you can: tacos, enchiladas, burritos, chips and salsa, queso, guacamole, churros, etc.
  • Collect the bug hanging out in your room for your AP Environmental Science friends.
  • Grab a friend and get matching stick and poke tattoos from your friend’s boyfriend’s best friend’s girlfriend’s sister.  
  • You’ve always wanted to use those Nancy Drew detections skills you’ve acquired to from watching countless episodes of Criminal Minds, CSI, and Sherlock on Netflix when you should have been studying for that math test. Grab the gang and hop into the Mystery Machine to pull off the mask of the infamous “Raised to be Sheep” Banksy of EHS.
  • Ask your teacher from your favorite class throughout high school if you can decorate a ceiling tile to leave your mark on the school… literally.
  • Donate a pint of blood at the EHS blood drive to save three lives, skip class, and eat free treats.
  • Apply to one college out of the country, and if you get in convince your parents to tour it so that you have an excuse to make a vacation out of it.
  • Letter in an activity that not many people have ever heard of, i.e. weight lifting.
  • Take a selfie of yourself every week or every day of  high school and see how much you have “glowed-up.”
  • Keep the college that you plan on attending a secret from everyone until you reveal your choice on Decision Day at school.
  • Break out of your three year clique for one moment and talk to someone you haven’t connected with in years.
  • Establish a hangout place, like Central Perk, where your close friends will meet throughout the school year and when you all reconnect over long breaks during college.
  • Pull an all-nighter because of ANYTHING other than studying all night.
  • On Senior Skip Day, get together with some friends and spend the day at the lake kayaking, swimming, fishing, and making the memories of a lifetime.
  • Pick a day where you say “yes” to any question or any task that is put in front of you… but don’t let anyone know that you are doing it.
  • During Spirit Weeks, don’t skip a single day and go all out. Ask your friends for props, and if they don’t have it, Ragstock has almost anything you could ever need for cheap.
  • Attend an EHS team sporting event at one of Minnesota’s professional stadiums because they have made it to state. Sit with the EHS senior student section and participate in themed nights.
  • Join a school club that you have always wanted to participate in but never ended up following through.
  • Spend a day where you don’t talk to anyone or answer any questions directed to you verbally.
  • Make a time capsule letter or video and find a place on campus to bury it where you will be able to uncover it at your 20 year reunion.
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