The top eight summer jobs: how can you make some extra money this summer?

Jack Marker, page editor

How many times have your parents asked you to get a job before summer started? The summer job application process for high schoolers can be stressful, and it has already begun. These are a few of the popular jobs among Edina High School students:

Barista – You drink it, why not learn how to make it like a professional? Caribou and Starbucks are constantly hiring students with no qualifications necessary. There is always a coffee shop near you.

Caddying – Many EHS students caddy at either Interlachen Country Club or Minikahda Country Club golf courses. You better enjoy spending time in the outdoors, as you will be spending four hours carrying members’ clubs around the course.

Landscaping – This requires a certain degree of physical strength. Landscaping companies are always looking for employees to help with manual labor. Ask your neighbors if they need help gardening or check out landscaping companies websites.

Lifeguarding – The Edina Pool, Interlachen Country Club, Edina Country Club, and Minikahda Country Club are all looking to hire lifeguards. Before you apply, be sure to have a current American Red Cross certificate for lifeguarding.

Mowing Lawns – Do you have a lawnmower sitting in your garage, taking up space? If so, ask your neighbors if they need any help mowing their lawn. Remember to bring headphones.

Nanny/Manny – The best way to get a nanny gig is by word of mouth. Let your family and friends know that you want to be nanny, and let them spread the word of how responsible you truly are. Another way to get the job would be using nannying platforms, such as Neighborhood Nextdoor.

Park Program – Get paid to play sports and games with kids. The park program provides daycare for children at local parks in Edina. They are currently accepting applications on the City of Edina website.

State Fair – You’re going to be there anyway, so why not make some money? The State Fair runs from Aug. 22 to Sept. 2. Be prepared to work long hours. Check out the State Fair website to determine which booth you want to work in.