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Uma Bhati, photographer

When she’s not marching in Edina’s Marching Band or preparing for a DECA competition, Uma Bhati can be found smashing birdies on the badminton court and henna-ing for her closest friends. She is secretly good at playing the ukulele and also has a secret fear of butterflies. Seriously though, who has a fear of butterflies, they are harmless and beautiful creatures. But really - she will cry if she sees one. Some may say she is a little tiny nugget, but she sure does have a lot of strength. She’s party size! This summer, she embarked on a 25 day sea kayaking journey and loves to camp. Not only is she adventurous, but also extremely artsy. Her Instagram feed is consistent and on point, check her out and give her a follow @umabhati. She’s one of Zephyrus’ amazing photographers and is really good at letting you know how you look in the pictures. She will make you look good even if you don’t, using one of her super techy photography editing apps. Overall, if you want to learn how to letter in badminton, take a good selfie, or run away from butterflies, Uma is your girl.

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Uma Bhati