Sweet Martha’s: dump or munch?

Sweet Marthas cookies have become a cult classic at the Minnesota State Fair. But do they deserve the hype?
Sweet Martha’s cookies have become a cult classic at the Minnesota State Fair. But do they deserve the hype?
Hannah Nicklay

The Minnesota State Fair boasts a wide selection of excellent, unique, flavorful foods that truly encapsulate the best of what Minnesota has to offer.

It also serves Sweet Martha’s Cookies.

The chocolate chip cookies have somehow become a cult classic despite a lack of any distinguishing features. They’re served warm and in overly large portions, and those are the only “pros” one can possibly reason. After a couple of minutes, the cookies cool down and taste painfully mediocre. Anyone with common sense and a recipe can create an equally enjoyable product at home.

Arguing for Sweet Martha’s on the basis of quantity is completely illogical. The point of the state fair is to experience the incredible variety of foods and vendors that call Minnesota home. Wasting almost $20 on a massive bucket of cookies prevents you from enjoying the offerings that are genuinely special. And anyway, by the time you make it to the bottom of the bucket, the cookies will be hard as rocks.

Plus, waiting in the inevitably long lines that surround the two locations is a waste of time. Who wants to spend valuable minutes at the fair standing around for a regular chocolate chip cookie when you could be going on rides, seeing animals, and trying new things?

Save your money, save your time, and save the space in your stomach. Next year, skip the Sweet Martha’s and pop in a pan of chocolate chip cookies at home. They will probably be just as good—the bar isn’t very high.


Picture a typical day at the fair; the hot sun beats down on you as you travel from booth to booth before finally giving in and taking the Skyride to save your feet from the crowded fair streets. You’re staring down at the thousands venturing below when a titillatingly sweet smell floods your senses. This enrapturing smell emanates from Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar, a state fair must-have.  

Sweet Martha’s Cookies produces over 1 million cookies daily because they are just that irresistible. Every purchase at Sweet Martha’s guarantees your money’s worth in cookies because every cup size they offer comes with an extra mountain of cookies stacked on top. Their most popular item is their cookie bucket, which contains over four dozen cookies, priced at only $19!

Each bite contains gooey chocolate chips, and the cookies have a perfectly soft center and a crisp golden brown outside. How could someone resist a warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with cool milk and water after a day of eating fried food at the fair? And even if you go home with leftovers, simply heating them up will restore them to their former glory! The truth about Sweet Martha’s is that if you don’t stop by and watch the giant animatronic cookie wink while waiting for the best cookies ever, you’re seriously missing out. Anyone bitter about a famous Minnesota-founded chocolate chip company (AKA Sweet Martha’s) could do with some extra sweetness in their life, like cookies.

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