Humans of Edina: Myra Han

Carmela Cadja, staff writer

Homecoming Queen and senior, Myra Han, has always been a fan of music; she’s played the piano since the age of five and picked up the violin in fifth grade. Her creativity explodes when she’s listening to or playing the violin. “Even with one piece of music, there are different ways to interpret, play it, and express it. I feel like it’s also a really great way to meet people because in orchestra, I’ve made so many great friends,” Han said.

 When in search of inspiration, Han turns to her favorite pianist, Kate Liu.  “I just love the way that she plays a lot of times: she plays with her eyes closed, and her hands are just so graceful, and her touch is so beautiful. I think that the way that she plays is really emotional and expressive, and it’s also really great to see female artists like her, leading the way for other musicians,” Han said

In addition, her mother’s insightful advice keeps her working diligently to pursue her dreams; she is a key player in Han’s success. “My mom always says to shoot high because she’s worked really hard to get where she is. She just inspires me to keep reaching higher. Even if I think it’s maybe impossible or out of my possible reaches, she’s just always encouraging me to try for the hardest—and, you know, it doesn’t hurt to try.” 

Senior Ana Martinez, one of Han’s close friends since ninth grade, and senior Karen Lee, a friend of six years, have agreed that Han’s character is comical. “Her sense of humor: it’s literally like her personality. I mean everyone knows her as like, she’s super smart, she’s super studious, but once she’s being herself, her sense of humor is probably one of the best you’ll find out there,” Lee said. 

Lee also brought up a memorable day the two of them spent together. “[I liked going] into the Farmers Market with her and her family because they’re all really welcoming people. It was also a really fun experience overall, just chilling in the Minneapolis Farmers Market.” 

Martinez loves to cheer Han on during her tennis matches and watch her destroy her other opponents. “During the tennis season this year, Myra has been playing super well and it’s really fun to cheer for her; she’s kicking everyone’s butt,” Martinez said.  

Sarah Mashaal, who’s also known Han for six years, first met her at a tennis class. Mashaal had been new to Edina, and Myra made her feel comfortable and welcomed. Their initial interaction between themselves led to the foundation of their strong friendship. “I think in general, that truly exemplifies all that Myra is because she hasn’t ever stopped being that amazing supportive person; her whole personality is just uplifting others,” Mashaal said. “[She’s] super, friendly, supportive, and goofy.”

Once in college, Han wishes to continue being involved in music, whether that involves playing in senior homes and daycares or teaching younger children how to master the violin. She would love to be a part of an orchestra community to make friends that share her passion. She aims to continue making her mom proud and follow in her successful steps. For now, Han wants to continue creating and strengthening friendships, which will hopefully result in more opportunities that will amplify her life experiences.