Spring Showcase Recap

Thespian Club Cabaret’s Performance Last Friday

Colette Bruder, staff writer

Last Friday, the thespian club cabaret performed the Spring Showcase, a very diverse set of presentations. These presentations included a series of skits, monologues, individual song performances, and group performances. The student actors themselves selected all songs and monologues that were presented during the show.

The Club cabaret opened with an entire cast number entitled “Wilkomen” from the musical “Cabaret”. The choreography during this number was risqué but hilarious as cast members acted flirtatiously and interacted with the audience.

The show continued with various duets that also were sung beautifully causing the audience to feel many different emotions depending on the type of song. During this performance I both laughed and cried. I grinned when I witnessed comical numbers such as just “the way you look tonight” from the movie “Swing Time” featuring cast members dressed in drag outfits and was sad watching a heart-wrenching duet about two sisters gradually growing apart entitled “Kaitlyn and Haley” from the musical “Edges”.

The spring showcase also took twists on common theater songs. For example they changed the song “Agony” from the musical “Into the Woods” into a number sung by nerds looking for maidens instead of princes.

The costumes were excellent and varied dramatically in style. The performance featured many costume changes which the experienced thespians, most of whom had been featured in other performances during the past three years, pulled off costume changes quickly and with confidence. For example actors would appear in costumes as characters they had previously played such as “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Charlie Brown”.

The cabaret pit orchestra performing with the actors were always on count with the singers without overpowering them. Edina is fortunate to have this many skilled string and wind performers, unlike many schools who have little option but relying on recorded music and the live orchestra added much to the evening.

The monologues performed during the spring showcase also varied in tone and style. Some such as a excerpt from “John King” and “From Laughter on the 23rd Floor”  were dramatic and serious. Others like “Casina” and “From Somewhere” were lighthearted and took on an element of comedy.

However, some technical difficulties throughout the show inhibited the production. For example,  one song, entitled “Children Will Listen”,  from the musical “Into the Woods” was intended as a tribute to a recently deceased member of the Edina theater community. This might have been more meaningful if the slide show intended to accompany the number actually functioned. Nonetheless, it was a very touching feature of the night.

The thespian club cabaret ended with a group ensemble titled “When I Grow Up” from the musical “Matilda”. During this performance cast members rode around on scooters across the stage and dressed like children as a slide show played portraying the cast in elementary school causing the audience to feel reminisce of their childhood.

Overall, this was a great performance and a well spent Friday evening that I am certain the audience thoroughly appreciated.