Spirit Week Recap

Spirit Week Recap

Chiara Kohlmayr and Megan Hussey

Spirit week marks a time when students parade through the hallways, showing off their unique styles that correspond with a daily theme. 2013 is no different as students exhibit their funky fashions in the days leading up to homecoming.

Monday: What better way to start off the week than coming to school in the comfiest clothes around? The usual Edina look includes girls with hair straightened to crisp perfection and guys with an expertly gelled flow. However, this Monday morning, EHS hallways were swarming with tousled hairstyles and tightly wrapped blankets, as if students had just rolled out of bed. From checkered pants to comfy sweats, PJs in all shapes and forms were rocked throughout the school. Basically covered from head to toe in a blanket, it was the famous footsies that seemed to have the most popularity throughout the whole student body. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t be surprised if we set the record for most students to fall asleep in class.

Tuesday: Character day is always the hardest day of spirit week, as it’s one where you actually have to put some thought into your costume. (As well as the day you regret getting rid of your Halloween costume.) Unfortunately, most of us don’t have something that is already perfect, and always end up throwing something together last minute. However, EHS students were rocking the various movie/book characters, and we were greatly impressed with the creativity this year. From the original Minnie Mouse to the more recent minions, character day was a success, and many more characters were made in the process.

Wednesday: Jersey day is Wednesday! Behold the one day where students pretend that they’re actually interested in football. Tuesday evening was likely filled with late night rummaging through closets in order to find that one jersey you remember from 5th grade that you got at this one hockey game that you’re 99.9% sure you still have. Nevertheless, EHS managed to pull it off. Jerseys of all different styles were displayed, and strong Twins fans were even seen walking hand in hand with Yankee enthusiasts.

Thursday: USA day, aka the only day it is acceptable to mix blues and reds in the same outfit. Students were showing off their patriotic love for America by wearing a flag over their shoulders. Let’s be real, it isn’t spirit week without that famous USA day, just like it isn’t a football without laces. It’s time for people to start appreciating their American heritage, and USA day is the only (and acceptable) time to do that (not counting the 4th of July).

Friday: The last day of spirit week. Everyone is so pumped up for the game and dance that it’s almost a relief that the final “costume” day is one that can easily be put together with minimal effort and time. And lets be honest, how is Edina day different from any regular school day at EHS? I mean, students walking around proudly supporting their teams with a wide array of football jerseys or soccer sweatshirts is not out of the ordinary. It’s nice to know that at the end of the day, the hornets will always be ready to sting.