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Seniors Final Goodbye

Murray Friedberg, videographer

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Murray Friedberg, videographer

Murray Friedberg is a class act, and is a man who knows what he wants. His favorite part of waking up is having Folgers in his cup. Although none have stuck, Murray has a plethora of nicknames including Murdawg, Murcat, Big Mur, and Murman. Murray likes baseball, canoeing, and debate, and if he had 30 minutes of free time he would sit around and wait until the time was up because that isn’t enough time for any activity. Murrays favorite body part is his thumb, principally so he can tease his cat about the absence of its thumbs and shut the door on it. Also, if he could learn how to do anything, it would to be able to fall from great distances and survive the impact. Murray does not have a favorite song, he listens to rap and the latest music on 101.3 KDWB. When he grows up, Murray wants to move to Switzerland, for no particular reason besides the chocolate, cheese, and knives. His favorite foods are pizza and a New York Strip (Steak with only the good stuff), and he likes to unwind by laying in his queen sized bed and watching season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy. When asked where Waldo is, Murray answered the question with a groundbreaking counter question: ¨Where IS Waldo?¨. Murray will be a videographer for Zephyrus this year and will be a great addition to the squad.

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Seniors Final Goodbye