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One-of-a-kind affordable masterpieces at Edina Art Center

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One-of-a-kind affordable masterpieces at Edina Art Center

Sadie Johnson-Sieben, staff writer

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As we enter the holiday season, gifts are constantly being searched for. At the Edina Art Center, one can view the work of artists while looking for homemade presents. The Up North Gift Gallery is a recurring gallery that has been going on for around 30 years now. The Edina Art Center claims the gallery is “unique and sure to delight the eye.” All the pieces of art can be bought as presents for friends, family, or other loved ones.

The pieces are from local artists and have a Minnesotan vibe to them. The Edina Art Center offers these local artists the chance to exhibit and sell their artwork. Karlee Holets, an employee of the Edina Art Center explained what pieces of art are chosen for the gallery, “Small things, that are affordable for holiday shopping from artists in the area,” Holets said. These pieces can be categorized as kitchen utensils, home decorations, clothes, and jewelry.

Some of these gifts include organic soaps made with lavender, shea butter, and goats milk in handmade ceramic bowls that are dishwasher and microwave safe. More pieces include knitted slippers, crystal earrings made by Elli and Rachel, makers and crafters, wooden pens for $39.99 with gold tips, original paintings of animals, ceramic fish sculptures, and even aprons. Additionally, each piece of artwork is one-of-a-kind. Also, there are multiple variations in colors of certain items. Holets also elaborated on what the inspiration was for the gallery, “The inspiration for this gallery is ‘up north,’ so pieces are gifts so for home that have a warm feeling related to winter in Minnesota” Holets said.

The gallery is open from Nov. 16 to Dec. 28. Throughout the weeks of the gallery, the pieces of art included will change; therefore, you can check back weekly for new pieces. It is free admission and gifts can range from $2 to $250. The Edina Art Center states on their website, “Nothing feels better than giving the gift of art.” The Up North Gift Gallery is a place where you can buy authentic holiday gifts and at the same time support local artists. With the many types of art, one can be sure to find many gifts for their loved ones.

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One-of-a-kind affordable masterpieces at Edina Art Center