New Lifetime Fitness Center to Open in Edina

Jack Marker, staff writer

According to the Reader’s Digest, the most common New Year’s resolution is to “get in shape” and to “lose weight.” One of the most popular means of accomplishing this goal amongst Edina High School students is joining Lifetime Fitness. Lifetime’s popularity can be attributed to the vast options it provides, ranging from classic workout machines to workout classes, basketball courts, and a swimming pool. Despite Lifetime’s many advantages compared to other gyms, there has been concern over its distance from Edina. Lifetime is far away, the closest Lifetime being Crosstown, which is an approximately fifteen minute drive from EHS and forces many students to make the trek down Highway 62.

However, the long ride to Lifetime will soon be over. A new Lifetime is opening at the Southdale Mall, creating a more convenient location for Edina residents. This Lifetime will be located in the old J.C. Penney location. Lifetime’s construction plans have undergone many revisions as they attempt to build the nicest Lifetime Minnesota has seen. This new Lifetime is not accessible to many, as it will be a Diamond level club, the highest level Lifetime membership.

The plans for the new fitness center include building a 120,000 square foot gym in the spring of 2018. The gym will possess many amenities such as over 400 machines for cardio and strength purposes, a physical training center, and a plethora of fitness class options. The new club will also include a bistro and an outdoor pool on the roof of Southdale.

Not only will this new club have the usual amenities that Lifetime typically offers, but they will also have doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists, and personal trainers on site to support clients. In addition to receiving a wide variety of medical services, there will be an Ultimate Hoops basketball league open to join.

Overall, the new Lifetime will be convenient for not only Edina residents, but for those around the Twin Cities who find other Lifetime locations a hassle to get to. However, the number of Edina High School students who will be attending the new Lifetime location is uncertain, as its high membership costs will force many to decide whether convenience supersedes the pricetag.