New attendance is up and running

Julia Nicholson, copy editor

Ever since Edina High School partnered with Infinite Campus to connect schools, parents, and students, they have continuously discovered new ways in which the system can benefit everyone involved. Most recently, for the 2019-2020 school year, Infinite Campus has introduced a system that allows EHS parents to excuse their kids from school electronically.

Under the new system, parents have the option of forgoing a phone call to the attendance line and instead submit an absence request via Infinite Campus. Once a parent has logged into Infinite Campus, this entails clicking on the “more” option at the bottom of the site navigation and entering in basic information about the student’s absence.

The addition of an online process hasn’t eliminated the option of calling in. However, it has made the attendance line ring less frequently, allowing for staff members working in the office to have more time to complete other duties. “With just an attendance line phone number, our main office would be listening to phone calls for hours on end. The online option helps even things out, helping our staff be able to manage the rest of their workload a little easier,” Teacher Admin Assistant Megan Sartor and Office Assistant Ali Vos said. 

One of the flaws of the system, however, is that it doesn’t allow parents to excuse their kids from previous absences- only present and future absences may be excused online. If a parent wishes to excuse their child from an absence that occurred prior, they must call in.