College Corner: Navigating Naviance

Ashley Smith, culture editor and college columnist

Naviance is a wealth of information for every EHS student just waiting to be explored. From helpful college search tools to personal inventories, Naviance is a great tool for every prospective college student to set goals and plans for themselves. “Naviance is really helpful. I use it to compare colleges and get an idea of where I’d be accepted,” Junior Erin Koelsch said.

Most EHS students don’t use Naviance to their advantage as much as they should. Therefore, to help you get started on an adventure through Naviance, I have assembled a list of the most noteworthy features.

The College Tab
Colleges I’m Thinking About: This feature lets you assemble a list of colleges you are thinking about applying to. It also includes a graph that compares your GPA and standardized test scores to other students who applied to a college to show whether or not you have a good chance of being accepted.
SuperMatch College Search: If you have no idea where you want to go to college this is a great place to start. This feature allows you to put in your preferences for size, location, majors and many more factors and then the search chooses out colleges that would be a good match for what you’re looking for.
National Scholarship Search: This feature has you create a student profile and matches you to scholarships around the country that you would be eligible for. It includes a description of each scholarship and the deadline and contact information for the application.
The Careers Tab
Personality Type: This includes an inventory which asks questions regarding to your personality type. It creates a list of your strengths and weaknesses as well as what you should look for in a career and learning environment based on your results. The inventory results are then used to suggest majors or careers that you may be interested in based on your personality type.
Career Interest Profiler: A 180 question survey based on what you would like or dislike doing for a job.  It also suggests careers or majors that are a good fit for you, but this survey bases their results on your interests.
The About Me Tab
Game Plan: This includes a series of questions about your post-secondary plans which helps your counselor set goals with you for college and beyond.
Resume: This feature helps you build a resume filled with past work experience, awards received, extracurricular activities and so on so you can include it when applying for a job or summer program.

The more research you do on prospective colleges, happier you’ll be at the college you choose. Naviance could be the difference between finding a college that fits your personality and accentuates your strengths and a college that you won’t like.