Meet the months: how each month translates into a personality

Emma Bailey, staff writer

Each year, the months bring different horrors and excitements to Edina High School students. From January to December, it’s a wonder that we all make it out alive, only to do it again year after year.

Meet January, pure of heart and highly motivated. January is constantly pushing herself to become better. She exercises every day and sticks to a healthy, balanced diet. January’s worst fear is repeating last year’s habits. January is constantly on the move and is gone before you know it.

While February aspires to be like January, she is far from it. She sleeps in late and goes to bed at 5 PM. Everyone has trouble getting to know her because she comes and goes so quickly. Most people don’t even get to know her well enough to learn how to spell her name right It’s no wonder she doesn’t stick around long.

March works hard to clear up his name in the wake of February’s restrained agenda. He radiates as much light as he can, destroying the snowy disaster of his predecessors. As the luckiest month, March’s diligence helps him on his mission to bring light to the atmosphere.

April is not quite as lucky as March. The day she comes to visit, it seems as if the whole world is playing tricks on her! She cries for weeks, not stopping to recognize the wonderful flowers that bloom in the wake of her showers.

However, April’s showers bring May flowers! May is perhaps the most beautiful and optimistic out of all of her companions. She is the light at the end of the tunnel and she pushes those around her to keep working hard to get to where they wanna be.

June can bring a smile to anyone’s face in seconds. She’s fun, warm, kind, and full of new opportunities. Always at the beach, June is an excellent swimmer and loves to radiate the sunshine while she’s there.

Best friends with June, July is so similar that people often get the two confused or blend them together. Some people get tired of July after spending time with June, but others don’t mind him. July is sunny, nice, and always looking for a festivity to celebrate. It is guaranteed that you’ll feel some fireworks when around July.

If Sunday was a person, it would be August. You can always count on him to remind you of all the responsibilities you’ve forgotten about. He isn’t all that bad, though, sometimes you can sneak in a little fun without remembering the endless tasks to be done.

If Sunday was August and August had a child, it would be September. September takes a lot of smack for not being as warm and loving as her friends, but she’s not all that bad. I mean, sure, her name barely fits on her name tag, but she’s fresh and cool. With August as her father, September is a great example of hard work paying off!

If October were to be described in one word, it would be dark. October’s favorite color is black, he knows everything there is about death and the underworld and is a firm believer in witchcraft. Though he may seem sinister, October has good intentions and loves working with kids. Bring him a freshly baked pumpkin pie and he’ll be a treat!

November never went on many playdates when he was a kid. His parents would always get calls from other parents regarding the excessive amount of food November would consume. This was no problem for November, though, because he has just as much fun spending time with his family.

December loves his friends and family. He is always buying them gifts and doing nice things for them. His favorite family member is his Grandpa Nick, from whom he gets his generosity. December is always ready to celebrate and you’ll never see him exit without a bang!