Meet the Athlete: Maddie Dahlien


Courtesy of Temo Photo

Reagan Stanchfield, page editor

Maddie Dahlien is a forward on the Edina Girls’ Varsity Soccer team and has been playing the sport for about 10 years. When not playing for Edina, she is part of the Minnesota Thunder Academy team. In the photo, Dahlien can be seen scoring the first goal of this particular game against Edina’s rival, Minnetonka, which ended with a score of 5-0 in Edina’s favor. 

Z: How and why did you first get involved in soccer?

MD: I think my parents always just signed me up for a bunch of different sports, and soccer just happened to be one of them. I’ve just played ever since. 

Z: What is your favorite memory from playing soccer?

MD: I would say definitely making all the friends I’ve made, especially because soccer is all year round—I have a club season and a high school team—there’s a lot of friends.

Z: Do you have another great high school memory that doesn’t involve soccer?

MD: I love all the dances, those are fun. [I love] all of the football games and all of the things that happen in fall.

Z: What is the greatest lesson that you’ve learned from soccer?

MD: I’ve definitely learned a bunch of leadership skills through being a leader on the field. Also, [I’ve learned] to be a good team player and working together.

Z: What has been your greatest accomplishment in soccer?

MD: Probably making varsity and then making my club team because I moved from Edina Soccer Club, which is more of a hometown club, to MTA, which is more people from all over. 

Z: What else are you involved in outside of soccer?

MD: Soccer takes up the majority of my time, honestly. I also run track in the spring, but other than that, pretty much just soccer and school.

Z: How do you balance playing a sport with school and other activities?

MD: Well honestly, I would say that playing sports helps me because it helps me prioritize my time. Sometimes in the winter, when I have a lot more time and I’m not doing a high school sport, I kind of procrastinate a little bit.

Z: Do you have any advice for younger soccer players?

MD: This is kind of cliché, but never give up, even if you don’t make a team one year or even like making the wrong play. Just never give up, and go get it the next time. 

Z: Are you planning to pursue soccer after high school?

MD: Yes. Since I moved to MTA, they are more about looking at colleges, so I’ve been looking at D1 programs around the country. I definitely think that’s my goal as of right now, so we’ll see if I can get there.

Z: What else do you see yourself doing in ten years?

MD: I definitely have an interest in the medical field, so I want to possibly go to medical school. If professional soccer was an option, I’d play. But if not, I would always have that back-up option of medical school.