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Meet the 2018-2019 Student Council Leadership Board

Brooke Sheehy, page editor

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Get to know your new EHS Student Council leadership board:

Clara Bils

Edina High School junior Clara Bils has served for two years as a peer-elected member of the EHS Student Council. As an incoming senior, she has been elected to the position of Treasurer on the Stud-Co senior leadership board. In addition to her responsibilities on Stud-Co, Bils is the captain of the girl’s varsity ultimate frisbee team. She is “everyone’s favorite vegan” and likes spending time with her beagle, Snoopie. Bils’ favorite part about being on Student Council is all of the behind the scenes work that she gets to do that other students at Edina High School are not able to be a part of. “I have grown really close to members of the administration including members of the custodial staff, people in the office and various aspects of the school that I would otherwise not be able to do,” Bils said. One of her favorite memories from being on Stud-Co as a sophomore was being able to give principal Beaton a tour around EHS when he was still being interviewed for his current position. “He wasn’t Principal Beaton yet, and I got the chance to tour our future principal around the school while he asked me a bunch of questions about how student culture is basically what would fly and wouldn’t fly in the building,” Bils said. She is most looking forward to her new leadership position on Stud-Co and going into her senior year with the trust and responsibility that is required of the Treasurer and getting to know the coveted Amazon password.

Shea Crowley

Junior Shea Crowley was elected this past month to serve for a third year on Edina High School’s Student Council. As an incoming senior, she has been elected to the position of Secretary on the Stud-Co senior leadership board. In addition to her responsibilities on Stud-Co, Crowley competes on the Varsity Competition Cheer Team, plays ultimate frisbee, sings her heart out on both Concert and Chamber Choirs, and enjoys spending her time outdoors camping. Her favorite part about being a part of Stud-Co is all of the amazing community and friendships that she has built with other members of staff. “Getting to work super closely with all of the staff, administration, and advisors in order to pull off all of these events that we do throughout the year is incredible and extremely rewarding,” Crowley said when asked what she loves most. Helping to coordinate and run broomball (like hockey accept instead of using a puck and a stick a broom and a ball is used) her first year on staff was one of the most memorable occasions for Crowley since joining Stud-Co in 2016. “I didn’t really know what to expect as it was my first year on staff, but it ended up being super fun and competitive. Unfortunately, we were not able to do it this year because the ice and snow had already melted, but I am super excited to next year,” Crowley said. As her junior year comes to an end, Crowley is most looking forward to having the ninth graders on staff and having a new perspective to help everyone transition into the high school and feel represented in all grades.

Russell Spence

Russell Spence is currently a junior and was elected by the student body to serve his third and final year on Student Council as the Vice President on the senior leadership board. In addition to his responsibilities on Stud-Co, Spence is a twin that likes to play football and ultimate frisbee, and takes pride in his academic accomplishments. “I would say I am very into school. I like to do well academically, and I base myself off of hard work that is what makes me successful in all that I do,” Spence said. The overall atmosphere of being around other staff members that are all genuinely nice people is what makes serving three years on Stud-Co worth it to Spence. His favorite memory of being on staff entails every dance where all staff members on Stud-Co dance in together and go all out. “I would just be dancing all over the place and normally people will just laugh because I am kind of a bad dancer, but it is just really fun,” Spence said. Next year, Spence looks forward running next years elections and having a staff consisting of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors to see exactly how ninth graders react to being around upperclassmen and integrating them into all of the high school activities to come.

Peter Rock

Junior Peter Rock wrapping up his second year on staff is excited to be moving into his third year on staff as the President of Student Council for the 2018-2019 school year. In addition to his responsibilities on Stud-Co, Rock plays ultimate frisbee, nordic skis in the winter, and enjoys his evenings by sitting down to dinner with his family every night. Rock’s favorite part about being on Stud-Co is having the ability to work with interesting people on staff, and finds value in doing work that impacts the whole entire school. Stud-Co participates in many student-led projects, and one of Rock’s favorite projects from these past two years was meeting with Principal Beaton this past fall and getting a feel for what it was he expected from the council as the new principal of EHS and how they both could work together to make the school a better place. Like his peers, next year Rock is most looking forward to having ninth graders on staff for the first time since EHS became one high school. “I think it would be really fun to have everyone at school represented on the council, and now that we will be a little bit bigger and taken more seriously. With the ninth grade on staff, I think that we will be able to better serve the school and make it a better place,” Rock said. In the future, Rock looks most forward to working together with his fellow seniors on staff and creating a staff that can better serve their peers. One idea he hopes to implement in the future involves having all staff members of the council available for students to talk about social problems or give advice about which classes to take and how to best manage their workload.

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Brooke Sheehy, administration beat lead

Sit back and relax folks because it’s time for you to meet today’s eligible bachelorettes! And here they are. Bachelorette number one is a workaholic who spends her days at Hallmark, a dry cleaner in Edina, Minnesota. At 16 years of age, she is an enthusiastic unlicensed driver and has not killed anybody in over a week. Her hobbies include painting, reading, writing, and ignoring all six of her boisterous sisters. You could also say that she is amazingly talented, super creative, incredibly kind, a math whiz, but most of all a DIE HARD Maroon 5 fan! She has a soft spot for small animals and has two adorable pugs that she spends many of her few free hours waiting on. She enjoys iced coffee with half and half from Starbucks everyday that she gets a paycheck. Although she claims to be “Divergent,” her true Hogwarts house is Gryffindor, shown by her bravery and stupidity.  SHE (WILL BE) LOVE(D)s the Minnesota Wild and will not let you forget it (did you see her favorite song hidden in there somewhere?)! When she isn’t hitting the books she loves having late night dinners and spontaneous movie nights, so the best way to win this young lady’s heart is through Chinese food, especially cream cheese wontons and lo mein. In fact, if you are going to approach her at all, bring a fortune cookie, because she keeps them all in her wallet and often goes through them to see which ones have come true (she’s a true believer). Please welcome the wonderful and fabulous Brooke Sheehy.

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Zoe Cheung, photography editor

Photography Editor Zoe Cheung, known to friends as “Private Pyle” and to enemies as “that one annoying flautist,” likes to think that she’s pretty cool. She spends most of her time either taking pictures of the moon or stressing that her moon pictures aren’t as cool as NASA’s moon pictures. Zoe is always easy to find in a crowd, as her fashion sense can best be described as “where did you find THAT?” She collects small animals and Nick Ut’s war photos, and has been known to steal flowers from strangers’ gardens. If one wishes to find her (unlikely,) Zoe can typically be found inside the exhibits at the local petting zoo.

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Meet the 2018-2019 Student Council Leadership Board