Local Junior Gets A Favorite On His Tweet


Erik Lindquist, also a lover of birds, is a junior at Edina High School.

Edina High School junior Erik Lindquist recently sent out a witty tweet about Minnesota’s weather, and received a favorite for his effort. “It was sort of a challenge to encompass the cold weather into a humorous context, while remaining under the Twitter imposed limit of 140 characters,” said Lindquist.

In order to stimulate his creativity, Lindquist studied some classic humor, and tried to replicate the comical style. “I read lots of Garfield, and watched lots of YouTube videos!” said Lindquist. “I also watched a lot of Seinfeld, and Louis C.K. stand up,” he added.

Lindquist has received favorites on Twitter before, but not on a funny tweet. “I tweeted after my gerbil died, and that got a few sympathy favorites, but to get a favorite on a joking tweet is a lot more rewarding,” he said.

I read lots of Garfield”

— Erik Lindquist

Although Lindquist appreciates favorites, he loves retweets more. “Don’t get me wrong, favorites are great, but there’s nothing like a retweet to brighten your day!” he said. Lindquist has been retweeted only once, but he remembers it well and cherishes it. “Last year when school was cancelled due to cold weather I tweeted ‘NO SCHOOL!’ and my dad retweeted it. Then I gained a follower. It was my aunt Judy.”

This particular favorite on his tweet came from EHS junior Devan Hunt. “Devan’s a good buddy of mine, but he hasn’t ever favorited one of my tweets before. Not even any of the ones about the lunch I’m eating! Doesn’t come as a surprise to me that he favorited this one though,” said Lindquist.

I caught up with Devan Hunt to learn what motivated him to favorite the tweet. “Oh I favorited that? I totally didn’t mean too at all, that’s really not funny to me.”

At present time, it is reported that Devan went back, and unfavorited the tweet.