Letter to the Editor: With regards to the senior activity during the March 14th Extended Advisory

Andrew Hou, guest writer

To whom it may concern,

The events that transpired during the March 14 advisory were absolutely unacceptable. You compromised the class schedule, taking away from students’ academic time, in order to do what: have someone stand and deliver an infomercial?

Advisory was extended, and for what reason? Not to deliver important information about Senior May Term, but instead to have a representative from Jostens try to sell us a vast catalogue of useless garbage. I understand that the reason for the advisory extension was for the juniors and sophomores. That doesn’t excuse what you have done. You could have chosen any number of filler activities, or simply no filler activity, but instead you chose this.

I am confident that you could ask any teacher about how attentive the students were during your invited shill’s presentation and you will find the answer is nil.

The Administration has forced students to sit in an auditorium and listen to a wholly irrelevant sales pitch. It wasn’t even optional! There’s definitely something to be said about integrity against profit here…

I could go on about why today’s events were absolutely unacceptable and disrespectful to the students, but I think that my point has come across very clearly.

I hope that a poor decision of this caliber is not made again. I hope that those in the High School’s Administration hear my concerns and choose appropriately when the opportunity comes again for a similar event.