Letter to the Editor: What’s wrong with both sides

Anonymous, guest writer


I am writing this letter to just share my viewpoint on your opinion section of the newspaper. In my belief the sharing of opinions is good and a necessity for the newspaper but only if both viewpoints are shared. It is not enough to have 1 head to head when the truly controversial issues are only represented by one side. Take the latest edition where an article was written about the “under God” in the pledge. There are many people that believe that the saying does not specifically mean the Christian god (as your article says), but rather any individual persons god. This viewpoint is not represented in your article in any sort of context and if you are going to write an article on a controversial topic then I feel like both sides must be represented. This problem has been going on in all of the editions of Zephyrus this year and can actually cause some political unrest when only the liberal side of things is shared. All I ask is that when writing about controversial issues you represent both sides especially when they are based around a political stance.


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