Letter to the Editor: has the 2017 referendum worked?

Mike Lee, guest writer

With the new referendum in 2017 people voted on helping keep 13 million dollars for the school for the 2018-19 school year. This change seemed to have good intentions as it would not only help support the school but also improve the learning experiences in things such as renovations to the school and new teachers but these new things such as flex rooms and hiring of teachers doesn’t seem to have panned out that well. On a official post by the school district they said that this referendum if passes will quote “Attract and retain high quality teachers and staff” yet the school district has a high chance of laying teachers off and have been packing 30-35 students in classes and making switching classes very difficult or near impossible. This can not only limit the learning of a student but it also can make it harder for teachers and dealing with 35 students opposed to a smaller class can not only make it harder for the teachers to deal with but also make it more difficult for students to learn and ask questions as time plays a huge role. It begs the question if this referendum was worth it and if this money could be redirected for something more important.