Letter to the Editor: The State of the Bathrooms

Anonymous, guest writer

Our high school was just remodeled, yet most if not all of our bathrooms are terrible. I don’t know of the state of the women’s bathrooms, but what I’ve heard isn’t good. First off there aren’t enough of them. Whenever sports teams design a new stadium, they usually have around twice as many women’s restrooms as men’s, even though more men attend the games. This causes long lines, which can and does cause girls to be late for their classes. The men’s bathrooms on the other hand, either are closed or smell like marijuana. In both bathrooms, it is not uncommon for a stall to go out of order for weeks at a time or for there to be not enough toilet paper. Even when you have done your business, you don’t escape the poor quality of the bathrooms, for if you wash your hands, often times there will be no soap, and even if there is, the water pressure will be off. In the older parts of the school, the water pressure is super low, and in the renovated parts, the water pressure is way too high, causing your shirt to get wet. Is it too much to ask from our school to have halfway-decent, let alone nice bathrooms?