Letter to the editor: MCA scheduales

Anonymous, guest writer

I’m a freshman at EHS and have dealt with the MCA schedules for the first time. These two hour classes are unpopular and unnecessary. In health the teacher jokingly asked if people liked the MCA schedule and everybody who was listening simply replied “no.” Throughout the week I’ve heard the phrase “when is the class over” more times than I can even count. I have yet to encounter a student who is even slightly happy about the schedule. The reason is because it’s miserably boring. The schedules aren’t just unpleasant to the students, they also waste lots of valuable class time. I have noticed that the thirty minutes of each class is practically thrown away. By then people are bored and either watch some netflix, play a game on their computer, or just space out. Besides the fact that nobody can pay attention for that long, there isn’t always something to pay attention to for the whole two hours. I’m not gonna say any specific names, but many of the teachers haven’t had a long enough lesson plan to even last two hours. You would think that this schedule would only be implemented if there were no other option, but only half of the school is actually taking MCAs. While I am no master of schedules, I would think that those taking the test could take it during flex time or during their student prep on a block day. I do understand that it is harder than you would think to organize such a large student body, but I do think that the administration could have done better than this widely despised time wasting schedule.