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Letter to the Editor: Water pressure at EHS

Ryan Lowe, guest writer

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I would like to express my concern over an EHS issue that I feel has been overlooked: the water pressure of sinks in the bathrooms. Washing your hands should be a rudimentary task, however, with the firehose-like faucets in EHS bathrooms, it becomes a challenge. According to science and statistics, the average American sink delivers water at a pressure of roughly ~50 psi. This is a great number, and it has worked perfectly for many people for many years. For whatever reason, at some point during the redesign of EHS, the architects decided that adding a bunch of hexagons to the walls wasn’t radical enough of a change, and, in order to push the bounds of highschool design, they found the best course of action was to replace the sink faucets in the bathrooms with industrial pressure washers.

Additionally, I think that the administration has made poor choices allocating so much of the school’s funds for various glass structures over water related installations. The average price for tempered glass is $12-14 per square foot. We’ll just go with $13 dollars to be safe. Each fishbowl is composed of roughly 300 square feet of tempered glass. The math puts the price of each fishbowl at just under $4,000. Imagine the quality of sinks that we could afford with even just one or two less fishbowls. I just want to wash my hands without getting my sleeves wet.

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Letter to the Editor: Water pressure at EHS