#005: Late Starts

The best feeling in the world is when you can press your snooze button in the morning without the nagging feeling that in 5 more minutes, you have to wake up and face the day. This is why news of a late start at Edina High School is music to many people’s ears. The extra two or four hours, depending on the kind of late start, can be life changing. What you do with those hours is up to you, but here are a few worthy options.


Sleep is a valuable thing that many of EHS students can never get enough of. Even 30 extra minutes can make a difference in clearing up those under-eye bags, and foggy sleep-deprived thoughts. Some feel that if they sleep away their extra time, they are wasting it. But really, it’s EXTRA time! And feeling well rested in the middle of a school week is very rare, so catch that sleep when you can!


Second best to sleeping in is probably a hot plate of pancakes, eggs, or whatever else you like. The hot breakfast spots in Edina are usually Perkins and Original Pancake House, but really going out anywhere can be fun and filling. Showing up to school late with a stomach filled with carb-goodness helps to stay focused, plus food is a day brightener for anyone!


While it’s not Collab Wednesday, sometimes having an extra half-day of time can really be crucial for finishing a project, or cramming for your upcoming test. Late starts are great if you need to work on a group project because you can choose where to meet, or even utilize the empty school and work there. Yes, it’s a drag having to still work when there isn’t school, but sometimes it’s best to finish the work during the school week and have your weekends free.

Tip #005: Enjoy your late start! School is stressful enough and everyone deserves a break or two!