French Club says, “oui popular”

Mihika Sathe, manager

Language clubs at Edina High School provide an opportunity for students to gain a level of cultural understanding that they wouldn’t traditionally acquire in a language class. One particular club—the EHS French Club—has had an unprecedented level of success this year. This club celebrates French culture and traditions in a fun and inclusive environment.

Senior Bryn Osborne has been a member of French Club since her sophomore year. “In French Club, we focus on both building our language skills and learning about the culture. For example, we make a lot of food, and we went to the Orpheum last year to see Les Misérables,” Osborne said. 

With over 130 signups this year, French Club is one of the most popular clubs at EHS. “I think French Club is really popular because last year’s leaders did a really good job of promoting it. This year, all the leaders came around to all the French classes at every level of learning. They really emphasized that French Club isn’t just a club for people who went to Normandale or are in AP French. It’s a club for everyone to participate in, even if you don’t speak French,” Osborne said. 

While some clubs dwindle in their numbers after the first couple weeks of school, French Club has maintained a high attendance rate at their meetings. Unlike most clubs which typically have attendance rates of five to 10 students, about 20 students consistently come to the French Club’s meetings. “I think French club is always pretty popular especially with Frenchies, but this year there’s definitely a lot more people. We have a lot of fun things planned for this year too so hopefully we get lots of participation,” senior and French Club leader Hailey Felt said. 

The friendly environment paired with cultural immersion makes French Club a highly rewarding experience for the students involved. “French Club has given me a level of learning outside of the classroom that I can’t get in a traditional classroom setting. We talk a lot about French culture in French class, but you really get to experience the culture in French Club,” Osborne said.