Four ways to beat second semester slump

Anjali Aralikar, student life beat lead

Summer is in the air…okay, maybe not. Spring Break has just ended but most of us can feel the warm air and lack of structured schedules in the distance already. Before you break out your swimsuits and sunglasses, you need to defeat the demon that is the second-semester slump. As a senior, I know a thing or two about completely giving up and wanting to coast through the last weeks of my high school experience. But with a full class load, checking out completely isn’t an option. I’d assume the majority of students at EHS are in the same boat. Fortunately, as a seasoned student, I have a few tricks up my sleeve which have helped pull me through past second semester slumps:

Envision the future: Although goal-setting is typically a good way to start, what helps me the most is daydreaming. Specifically, daydreaming about the summertime, the days when I don’t feel trapped inside a stuffy building. This really helps me conceptualize the time between the present and freedom. It also helps create a vision that you can strive towards. I visualize how my school year will end and the fact that there are only two months left (the glass is always half full here). After I have an end vision in sight, I can focus on smaller, immediate tasks with increased clarity. Think positive thoughts!

To complete smaller tasks, set rewards: If you’re one of those people who gets distracted every 10 minutes by Instagram, Twitter, or Netflix, you are not alone! We all do this (even the diligent students who deny it). Rather than binge-watch or endlessly scroll through your feed for two hours, maximize that time! For example, you should complete one Economics packet and then reward yourself with ten minutes on Instagram or a single Netflix episode and repeat.

Make to-dorali lists: Another brilliant and innovative way to motivate yourself into actually being productive is to make to-do lists. This can range from a basic list of everything you need to complete complex and aesthetic Pinterest masterpieces. Personally, I prefer both daily and weekly spreads. This way, I always know what I’m doing after school (clubs, sports, etc.) and I know what I have for homework which is due in the upcoming days. Three cheers for organization!

Brute force: Sometimes, you just need to force yourself to work. To do this, get rid of any distractions (turn your phone off, you’ll thank yourself later) and focus on the task at hand. The biggest misconception about brute force is that you’re starting your task from scratch. Make sure you prep yourself before applying forceful focus. For example, complete some easier homework before starting the task. If it’s an essay that’s due in an hour, make sure to go in with a basic outline, ideas for evidence, and a thesis. This way, you don’t burn out halfway through your task.

School doesn’t come easily to anyone. In order to get the grades you want, you need to work really hard. But don’t let the stress burn you out. At Zephyrus, we have full faith in you and we believe that you can pull through and end the year strong. Don’t let the grind get you down! Remember, it’s almost summer!