Five apps to help you stay focused during second semester

With 2018 behind us and the first set of classes completed, the start of the new semester is the perfect opportunity for Edina High School students to utilize a different organizational system. External applications can help take some of the stress out of school and give students the power to effectively manage homework and exams. Here are five free apps available on iOS and Android phones to help you stay focused, organized, and on task this semester.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is a multi-use application that allows you to manage school assignments and schedules all from one. The app has a built-in planner that syncs with the calendar on your phone that automatically places tasks you’ve entered in onto it. You can mark important exam dates, keep track of instructor information, and keep your assignment grades organized in one convenient place. All of the data from the app can be synced between your phone and your computer, allowing easy access to the data entered into the app regardless of what platform you’re on.


myHomework is a school work management app where you can keep detailed information about upcoming school work tasks and manage them efficiently. You can create tabs for assignments with specific due dates, notes, or attachments in order to stay organized and manage responsibilities effectively. You can input your school schedule and sync assignments with specific classes at certain times of the day, and the app will send notifications to your phone to help remind you when an assignment needs to be completed.


Wunderlist is a more versatile list creation app that can help you consolidate schoolwork that needs to be completed as well as personal tasks. You can create to-do lists with fixed due dates to keep assignments organized and help pace yourself through their completion. The app will send you reminders when items and lists are nearing their completion date, and it feels really satisfying to complete all of the items on a created list. Wunderlist isn’t limited to just schoolwork assignments- you can create lists for whatever tasks need completing and manage everything from one convenient application.


Flipd allows you to keep yourself focused on completing assignments instead of being distracted by outside applications. You can set specific timers that disable apps on your phone for a period of time and leave you to complete your homework. The app is completely customizable for which apps are disabled, so it’s an amazing tool to keep your attention where it needs to be and block out distractions. The app has a built-in “communities” feature as well, where you can join study groups with other users and coordinate study sessions with distracting apps disabled. The app can also remind you when it’s time to begin a scheduled session.

My Study Life

My Study Life lets you fill in your academic schedule and manage assignments with ease. The app’s built-in calendar can remind you of necessary tasks and approaching exams. It can keep track of upcoming holidays and extracurricular activities so that you can stay aware and manage your time properly in the new semester properly. The app will prompt you with periodic notifications to keep you updated on important dates you’ve put into the calendar. It also has a built-in search feature so you can make sure you’ll never lose track of an assignment that needs to be completed.