Finals study session for freshmen: Cocoa & Cram

Cecilia Orth, visual editor

For the second year in a row, Link Crew is easing stress for freshmen by hosting a finals study session. On Jan. 8, the Tuesday before finals week, Link Crew will serve hot cocoa during review sessions from 3:16-5:30 PM. “The goal is to prepare the freshmen so that they can be extremely successful for their first finals. We [Link Crew leaders] don’t want them being stressed,” junior Link Crew leader Nathan Seymour said.

Link Crew leaders are divided into four different culture groups: Social Squad, Student Care, Gratitude Group, and Academic Coaches Empowering Students (ACES). This year, Social Squad was responsible for organizing the event and reaching out to the freshmen about attending. Most freshmen agreed to attend with friends. “It’s just more fun to study if your friends are there,” freshmen Nadia Choi said.

Similar to last year, the freshmen will work in different flex spaces based on subjects such as math, English, government, and science. Link Crew leaders will volunteer-tutor in their area of expertise. “The tutors have taken those classes and they know what to expect, and that really helps to have someone there to help you,” senior Link Crew leader Lauren Gray said.

Cocoa & Cram provides freshmen the opportunity to get a head start on studying for finals. “[The freshmen] won’t necessarily think [Cocoa & Cram] will help them but I think it will… It’s not going to do anything but help them be successful,” Seymour said.