EHS drivers take on the parking lot

Reilly Shane, Staff Writer

The 2022-23 Minnesota winter has broken records when it comes to the amount of snow and rain, leading to chaos in the EHS parking lot. In February of this year, Minnesota received 13.4 inches of snow due to the 23rd largest snowstorm in Minnesota history. With this, it becomes clear why parking has posed a challenge for EHS students. 

“We have more spots this year, because of the summer construction they did, and we also lost many spots this year because of the sheer abundance of snow,” EHS Dean of Students Bradley Dahlman said. Coming into this school year, it seemed hopeful that the parking lot would be a bit easier to manage with more spots available for students, but due to the snow, it only created more problems. “I think students and staff did a good job of not having a situation where cars were triple parked,” Dahlman said. “I can only think of one or two times we had to go out and try to get the kids to move.” Although the snow caused some troubles with parking, the majority of EHS was able to avoid adding to the issue. 

Battling the snow this year was nothing short of tricky, but through all the long days and chaotic snowfalls, EHS students only learned for the better. “I give kudos to the kids and staff and everybody in the high school,” Dahlman said.