Coffee Clash


Ellanor Splinter

The baristas at Starbucks work diligently during a lunch rush.

Starbucks has become the gold standard for fast casual coffee and it’s the typical lunch spot for many Edina High School teens. Each of the franchises located across Edina have their respective pros and cons, and after extensive deliberation, here is each location (excluding sub-stores located in other establishments) listed in order from best to worst. Locations will be rated on a scale of one to ten.
1st Place: 50th and France
The 50th and France Starbucks is conveniently located next to Lunds and Byerlys in the back of a parking lot. Friendly staff meet you with a smile and add to the overall pleasant experience. Lots of study space makes this a great stop after school to catch up on homework and chat with friends. It is within close proximity to upscale shopping and a Breadsmith next door makes this the top pick if you’re in the area. With good coffee and a good atmosphere, this location earns a nine out of ten.
2nd Place: Industrial Boulevard
By far the highest when it comes to foot traffic, the Starbucks located on Edina’s Industrial Boulevard is irrefutably high on the list of locations. With such a high occupancy it still manages to make good coffee—a feat that the Industrial Starbucks makes seem easy. Also, the close proximity to both EHS and a Jimmy John’s makes this spot convenient and desirable. However the sometimes slow service and bad parking lot could scare away even the bravest of customers. The staff work hard, the drinks are consistent, and on a scale of one to ten, this location earns an eight out of ten.
3rd Place: Centennial Lakes
While somewhat hard to reach from the road, this Starbucks is a smaller location located just off France Avenue, across from Centennial Lakes. Featuring an airy beach house style interior and pleasant staff, it’s a nice place to sneak away from the bustle of the park nearby. This location makes solid coffee and other drinks that neither impress or disappoint. It’s let down however by its location, being out of the way of EHS and awkward to access. The establishment’s 4 space parking lot is cramped forcing a walk in front of the drive-thru from the mall’s main lot. Overall, it is the most average of all locations, and earns a seven out of ten.
4th Place: Highway 100 and Vernon
Having recently undergone a cozy redesign, the location between Highway 100 and Vernon continues to maintain its relevance as a quiet and comfortable study space. However, this redesign has failed to address this location’s biggest issues: a cramped seating area and poor use of interior space.The recent remodel attempted to fix the lobby but failed. To not mention the confusing restroom situation, the lobby area seems to have somehow lost tables in an effort to make the space feel less cluttered. This adds to the “cozy” nature, but detracts from the ability to actually use the lobby. Combined with generally slow wait times for orders, and a terrifyingly small drive through, this earns the Vernon location a four out of ten.
Although up to marginal debate, Starbucks can churn out a pretty solid beverage or espresso for the average passerby. An espresso snob may be disappointed with a burnt shot or poor flavor extraction, yet overall, each location across Edina presented impressive results. Enjoy and always remember to tip the barista.