Big changes in Edina Student Council

Art Boettge, multimedia coordinator

Traditionally, students are used to seeing large campaign posters advertising prospective candidates for Student Council filling up the walls of Edina High School; however, due to school closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Student Council elections were postponed. To make up for that, the Student Council is trying something different this year.

Instead of the usual spring campaigning period and election, the Student Council is postponing the process. “They’re pretty much going to be the same, except we’re going to do the election around the end of the semester. [Newly-elected members will] serve a full year, from the second semester of the year that [they’re] elected [until] the first semester of the next year,” junior and Student Council representative Tully Clark said. After the election in the second semester, seniors will conclude their time on Student Council, and give newer members the chance to lead. 

The goal of having the senior members of the Student Council yield their authority after the first semester is to ensure that council activities run smoothly with the help of more experienced members. “Basically, the point of changing elections like this is so that seniors aren’t on it for the second semester. They think that’ll make sense for how the committee will plan homecoming,” senior and Student Council member Paige Greene said. Despite the changes to the council elections this year, the Student Council is still determined to give the EHS student body an entertaining and exciting year.

Dances, especially Homecoming, will be very different from past years. “Obviously, there’s no dance because of the pandemic, but the community that is organizing the Homecoming coronation is really doing their best to make something happen for court and for just seniors in general,” Greene said. Along with that, events like the blood drive are still expected to happen, this time being opened up to the Edina Community, or anyone affiliated with Edina. “We’re hoping to get more activities than other schools are doing. We’re making sure it’s safe, but we’re still having some activities” Clark said. In spite of the circumstances of this year, the EHS Student Council hopes to send off Edina seniors with some lasting memories.