Best comfort foods around the Twin Cities


Mimi Beringer

Yum offers a plethora of dining options from the classic burger to a Caesar salad.

Julia Nicholson, page editor

  • Scott Ja-Mama’s: If you need to spend time at home destressing from a long day, grab some ribs, coleslaw, a baked potato and a corn muffin and make it a night. The simple and classic menu shows their dedication to making consistently good ribs. Order ahead and Scott Ja-Mama’s will have all of the fixings ready to go to lift your spirits.
  • yum! Kitchen and Bakery: yum’s menu is almost entirely composed of warm foods to fill you up and leave you satisfied. If the sandwiches, soups or salads don’t do it, the bakery case holds what will.
  • Black Coffee and Waffle Bar: Waffles are good, but a waffle covered in peanut butter and layered with bananas can cure any bad day. Pair the Fat Andrew waffle with an iced coffee and some trendy photos and your weekend will instantly be better.
  • Matt’s Bar: Ever heard of the famous Jucy Lucy? Taking a bite of this cheese-stuffed hamburger patty served at Matt’s is sure to transport you to paradise. Besides, if you’re a meat lover and you haven’t tried a Jucy Lucy yet, are you really a Minnesotan?
  • Jerry’s Foods: Whether you’re looking for up a Sunday morning treat or a Wednesday afternoon pick-me-up, a fluffy glazed or sprinkled donut can work wonders. You can take a drive to Yo-Yo Donuts or Glam Doll if you’re looking to mix things up, but if you just want good food within walking distance, Jerry’s never disappoints. With a wide selection of tasty and inexpensive donuts and pastries, there’s not much reason to stray from this local favorite.
  • Revival: Revival offers a darn good classy southern menu, with fried chicken at its heart. They offer it four ways: southern fried, Tennessee hot, poultrygeist or gluten friendly.
  • Milkjam Creamery: There are plenty of places to pick up an ice cream cone around the Cities but none have quite as fun and unique but also intriguing of a menu as Milkjam. The ice cream is sweet, creamy, and even better when served in between a donut.
  • Tavern on France: Every Sunday, Tavern on France offers an all-you-can-eat buffet that is sure to satisfy any breakfast lover or breakfast critic. The only thing that’s better than the variety of hot pancakes and trays of cheesy potatoes is the plate of cinnamon rolls served right to your table to top it off.
  • Panera: Mac and cheese is not hard to find at a restaurant– and it is not hard to find good mac and cheese either– but nothing screams comfort more than the overwhelming amount of gooey cheese that Panera serves up atop its macaroni. It’s impossible not to love this Panera staple and get it every time you visit.