AOTM: Cordelia Flemming

Caroline Seiler, Staff Writer

After over ten years of playing lacrosse, senior Cordelia Flemming has committed to Columbia University. 

The scouting process looks different for Flemming than it does for the average school athlete. Flemming joined Minnesota Elite to play against more competitive teams. As part of their program, the team tours to an East Coast recruiting tournament and competes against more competitive non-Midwestern teams. After playing, members of Minnesota Elite reach out to their schools of interest and work to form close relationships with the coaches that respond. The process continues like any other high school student’s college search: narrowing down the college list to one single school. “Whatever works out, works out,” Flemming said when talking about the process. 

During her own college search, Flemming kept two major priorities in mind: top academics and highly competitive athletics. It was her lacrosse club director who brought Columbia to Flemming’s attention. Flemming had a positive experience visiting the campus in New York City. She met the lacrosse coach at the university, and ultimately decided to commit to Columbia.

While lacrosse itself imposes athletic hurdles to conquer, Flemming has had to improve her self confidence. “To overcome [my lack of self confidence], I’ve really just used my leadership ability and my ability to lift up others [to] gain that confidence,” Flemming said. She intends to use her leadership as an upperclassman to play more confidently on the field and be an example for her younger teammates.

She will carry her experience as an athlete into her academics. Committing to a university as highly regarded as Columbia motivates Flemming as a highschool student.  “I want to make sure that I put my best foot forward academically and athletically throughout senior year,” Flemming said. 

She is excited to join Columbia University’s class of 2026 next fall. “It’s motivating to continue to work hard over the offseason heading into next year,” Flemming said.