Annual Braemar Ice Show

Colette Bruder, print copy editor

Braemar recently had their 50th annual ice show. The skaters worked diligently for months preparing for their rigorous routines. The performance featured everything from beginners to advanced senior skaters. I had the chance to catch up with Edina High School Juniors Payton Puerzer and Julia Eckberg about skating in this performance.


Zephyrus: What was your favorite number to skate to?

Payton Puerzer: I enjoyed skating with my father in the father daughter skating number. It was fun to pull him around and see him struggle to keep up with me as I was skating.

Julia Eckberg: The senior high number was my favorite because i got to mess around and have fun skating with my friends.


Z: What was the most challenging thing preparing for this show?

PP: The most challenging thing in preparing for the ice show was balancing practice and my homework.

JE: Two weeks before the show opens we have lots of rehearsals so you are at rehearsal from when school lets out at nine almost every night in preparation.


Z: How many years have you been skating?

PP: Probably eight or nine years.

JE: I started skating classes in kindergarten so it’s been a while.


Z: What advice do you have for people new to skating?

PP: Don’t fall over.

JE: Stick with it. It gets so much more fun when you get older.


Z: What is your favorite part of the Skating Show?

JE: When they are playing the national anthem and we are all behind the curtain singing really badly.

PP: Watching everyone’s skating abilities improve from year to year.