Welcome to OlymPOPS!

A review of the 61st annual EHS Pops concert.

Last Friday, Feb. 21, was the opening night of the legendary Edina Concert Band Pops concert. Now in its 61st iteration, the concert’s theme was the Olympics – or, as they put it, the OlymPops.

Every Pops concert has a different theme with different twists and turns throughout the show and this Pops was no exception, as it was entertaining and surprising from start to finish. The opening of the concert was similar to the opening of the real Olympic ceremony, complete with the running of the torch, the parade of “band-letes”, and lighting the Olympic cauldron.

“OlymPops is much different from other Pops concerts because we start things off a little differently. We also have a whole new set and theme, which makes every year more fun to watch,” said senior and Concert Band tuba player Jack Kewitsch.

The concert itself was more than just a concert. The full band played many pieces, including “Mambo” from “West Side Story,” “Rhapsody in Blue,” and “On the Mall,” which were all done to perfection. However, interspersed between the full band songs were fabulous, creative, and often hilarious acts. What makes Pops so special is that every section of the Concert Band is highlighted and recognized on stage, where they perform a short piece. The audience went crazy after hearing the saxophones play songs by Daft Punk, the flutes playing “Thrift Shop,” and the trombones with a Backstreet Boys medley. The percussion even played a piece using hockey sticks.

To put on such an amazing show, both the band and the crew put an enormous amount of time and energy into everything they did. From the cool Olympics-themed stage to the individual sections costumes, the show was polished to perfection and shone like a gold medal. Crew member and junior Shannon Pearson said, “[Being a crew member], I can experience all the hours that all these people spend creating a wonderful concert!”

While the band made sure it was an amazing night for the audience, for them, the entire experience was unforgettable.

“The most memorable experience I’ve had was definitely during our first dress rehearsal. Seeing the show come together was great,” said senior and Concert Band trombone player Conor Hussey.

“My favorite part of Pops has to be the performances. The rush you get from the audience and the joy you bring to them is impossible to compare to anything else,” said Kewitsch.