The joys of Minnesota’s winters

Caroline Seiler, staff writer

Last year, the temperatures in Minnesota got as low as -28 °F, cold enough for the fuel in the school buses to congeal. School was canceled because the school buses could not function in such low temperatures, but also to protect students from getting frostbite while waiting at the bus stop. Minnesota might have terrible road conditions, and high chances of frostbite in the colder months, but winter is still a marvelous season.

One of the greatest things about Minnesota winters is the amount of snow there is. It’s perfect for playing outside, making a snowman, or even building an igloo. The snow is great for a family fun activity. Growing up and being able to go outside any day and play in the snow is something every Minnesotan should be grateful for. In some states with warmer climates, children miss out on experiencing snow, making the holidays feel less festive.

Snow days are by far what will make a student happiest in the winter (ignoring e-Learning Days). You get to sleep in and lay in bed all day, watching Netflix shows, taking a break from crazy school life. Also, the below freezing temperatures make the taste of hot chocolate and gingerbread just that much better. Plus, since sports practices and clubs are also cancelled, you don’t have to worry about your extracurricular obligations either. 

Sitting inside and reading a good book or watching a holiday movie is the perfect way to feel the holiday spirit. Having a holiday halfway through winter to look forward to lightens up the season as well. When you look outside and see the holiday lights on rooftops glow through the fluffy clusters of falling snow, you feel the magic of winter in Minnesota. 

The roads do get bad. We all know that. However, bad roads could also be seen as a good thing too: it forces you to stay home and relax. The little nudge encourages us to loosen up, de-stress, and take life one day at a time. So, the next time school or work or sports practice gets cancelled because of the winter weather, be grateful for the opportunity to curl up in a cozy blanket, watch some movies, watch the snow fall, and perhaps play a game with your family if you are feeling extra-cheery. Oh, and don’t forget to finish your homework.