Ten Ways To De-Stress


Everyone knows that during the school year, stress levels skyrocket – balancing homework, activities, and sports can be extremely hectic. Becoming more at peace with yourself will keep school from getting the best of you and help you keep stress at bay in the long run. With that in mind, here are ten great ways to keep your stress in check:

1. Go on a walk. Taking a walk outside can help clear your head of anxiety and reduces your stress hormones. Using ten minutes of your day to relax and enjoy nature can definitely make a difference when you feel distressed.

2. Turn off your phone. As teenagers, naturally, we always want to be connected to our friends. However, the pressure to reply to text messages or scroll through Twitter can cause you to feel stressed, so it’s better to just give it a break and step away from the screen for a little while, at least.

3. Listen to music. Jamming to a couple of your favorite songs can help relieve you during a busy day, and it can leave you feeling calm or even motivated to finish work. Next time you feel tense, plug in your headphones and tune out the world for a few minutes.

4. Get plenty of sleep. Most teenagers think they can run on three hours of sleep if they try, but it’s never a good idea. Sleeping is the time for your body to re-energize and less than seven or eight hours simply isn’t enough. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep each night will make you feel rested the next day, with enough energy to complete tasks.

5. Eat healthy. It’s a natural instinct to stuff yourself with junk food or skip meals when you feel overwhelmed, but that’s unhealthy and you know it. Try eating fresh, healthy foods instead that will make you feel good (and look good). And don’t forget to eat breakfast – your brain needs food to be able to function at school.

6. Get organized. No one can think and work properly when they are in a messy or chaotic atmosphere. Help rid mental stress by clearing out your room and organizing items. It’s also not a bad idea to keep your school supplies/papers in line. Write assignments down so you won’t have to worry about remembering them.

7. Take a hot bath/shower. There’s nothing more relaxing at the end of the day than a hot shower. It cleanses your body and mind, and can reduce stress, too. If you have more time, take a long soak in a hot bath. You won’t believe how calm you will feel afterwards.

8. Spend time with friends. Being around people can make you feel happier, and laughter is a good way to release nerves. It’s completely fine to spend time alone, but surrounding yourself with people you enjoy being with is a good habit.

9. Exercise. Make a pact with yourself to get out of the house at least a few times a week to go on a run, do yoga, or visit the gym. It gets the blood flowing in your body, and being active is always a great way to pass time. Next time your nerves get the best of you, put your mind and body to work with exercise.

10. Have a positive attitude. If you are constantly putting yourself down, it is difficult to keep up with the things that really matter. Maintaining a positive mindset and giving off good vibes will make your life easier, especially when you’re anxious. Afterwards, you will realize that getting rid of unwanted stress is easier than you thought.