Taylor Swift Concert Review


photo by Greta Morton

Taylor Swift jamming at her concert last Saturday

Greta Morton, staff writer

From the incredible silver, spiraling piano, to the spectacular glowing, mobile stage, the Taylor Swift concert will blow you away.

On Saturday, Sept. 12th, I had the glorious opportunity of going to Taylor Swift’s “1989” concert in St. Paul at the Xcel Energy Center. My friends and I received fabulous bracelets that lit up to the beat of the songs, saw adorable videos of her and her sweet cats, and were graced with an opening performance by Australian singer, Vance Joy. But overall, the captivating show Ms. Swift put on made for an unforgettable evening.

I was enchanted by the set. A huge boom box background covered the whole back of the stage. My eyes were drawn towards the glowing words, “The 1989 World Tour.” The wild lights were constantly changing as were the sets for each song. Brightly lit buildings were seen during “Welcome to New York,” and other songs revealed some unseen music videos.

A riveting performance by Vance Joy was only the beginning of a great night. The talented Vance sang pieces he’d written himself such as “Mess is Mine” and “Riptide”.

“[Vance Joy] was so so lovely!” said sophomore Anamaya Shore, who had the chance to meet Vance after the show. “He is SO talented and nice and gives the best hugs ever. It was such a dream come true to meet one of my favorite singers.”

As for Taylor, she was exceptional. (No surprise, right?) She displayed a variety of vocal range in the majority of her songs and seemed to hit all the right notes. Whether she was singing her songs exactly as written, changing up the tunes, or mixing two of her songs together, her renditions were flawless.

There was only one word to describe Taylor’s costume changes: SPARKLY. Every outfit was covered in sequins. The ensembles ranged from entirely gold body suits to shimmery, puffy dresses. The glittering black crop top with shorts and shiny, leather jumpsuit made for a dramatic look during songs like “Bad Blood” and “I Knew You Were Trouble”.

The popstar also included some songs from her previous albums. The night of the concert was the seventh anniversary of her song “Love Story,” which prompted her to perform that piece off of her album “Fearless”. She also sang songs from 1989’s preceding album, “Red”.

Her dancers were extremely impressive. I was taken aback by the incredible stunts performed: the backflips, cool handstands, and other spy-esque tricks got Tay’s point across during her mindblowing performance of “Bad Blood”, although the dancers were still fully capable of shaking it off in her next song.

Seeing her mother wandering around the stadium was pretty great too! Mama Swift (as my fellow Swifties like to call her), is known to do that, looking for groups worthy enough of being invited to Loft ‘89, Taylor’s after party that concert-goers have the chance of being invited to if deemed worthy by her mom. The wacky costumes and creative posters are some fun things you can see when you attend, as fans try to get her attention to be invited.

Something that makes the show even more memorable is the advice Taylor Swift gives before her performance of “Mean”. “You are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you, okay?” Swift said. “Second of all, you are not damaged goods if you have made mistakes in your life. And three, you are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet.”

Taylor Swift’s concert was absolutely worth the aching feet and sore legs the next day. So, whether you get the opportunity to meet Vance Joy, hang out with Taylor herself, or just simply have fun with some friends at her show, you won’t regret your decision to attend one of her future performances.