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Lily Simmons
Lily Simmons (with one “L” not two) is a sophomore at Edina High School. She absolutely loves DC and Marvel, and her Percy Jackson books. She quotes vines and memes 24/7 and she enjoys making people laugh whether her jokes are cheesy or are actually funny. Shes always really energetic, kind, caring, and she is really smart even if she doesn’t think she is. When she's tired her emotions are like Minnesota's weather and shes extremely bipolar and it's just super fun to watch her go through a day when she's all loopy. She finds peace (and stress) in taking photos and enjoying the scenery and all life's adventures and its beauty, even if it's just a torn down, haunted McDonald's playground. She loves traveling but combine traveling and a change in air pressure now that seriously aggravates her especially when she has to yawn 3,000 times just so she can hear right again. She has a strong faith in Christ and she enjoys going to River Valley Church (#notsposored). Oh and if you ever need her you can probably catch her reffing and criticizing little 10-year-olds on the soccer field or yelling at her narcotic cat that thinks she's a dog. 

Lily Simmons, Photographer

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Lily Simmons