Jason Szporn to Leave Position as Economics Teacher


Maddie Fischer

Mr. Szporn will be leaving EHS to become a Peer Coach.

Edina High School teacher Jason Szporn will be leaving his job as the AP Economics teacher next year, and will be taking on a position as a Peer Coach for the Edina Public Schools District. He will be sitting in on classes throughout the district to provide feedback to teachers on ways to improve, and what is working well for them.

Social studies teacher Amy Kampf will be teaching some of the seven sections of AP Economics next year. She currently teaches AP U.S. Government and United States History. The District has not yet finalized a plan to cover the rest of the sections of AP Economics, but they have currently posted a job listing for an Economics teacher, and are considering ways to rearrange current teachers.

Kampf does not plan to continue the blended and flipped format that Szporn has been following, but she hopes to include some of those elements down the road. She stated, “I want to teach in the classroom because that better fits my instructional style; I love having discussions during class.”

Senior Brandon Wright said of this change, “People are going to miss out on the efficiency of the blended and flipped format. A lot of people from other schools find [Economics] a lot tougher than at Edina and it’s probably because of the blended advantage. You can go at your own pace and it prepares you for college.”

On leaving his current position, Szporn remarked, “I’ve been teaching AP Economics for 10 years now. I feel that I’ve created a class that works, and now I’m looking for some new challenges.  I’ve learned some things about teaching over the last ten years that I think might be useful to share with other teachers. Additionally, I’m looking forward to working with other teachers so that I might learn some new techniques as well.”

After his three year stint as a Peer Coach, he plans to return to teaching AP Economics at EHS.