Royal Ballet’s “Manon” Review


Tristram Kenton

A scene from “Manon” performed by the Royal Ballet.

The ballet “Manon” was perfected at the Royal Opera House last Thursday night. The Royal Ballet is a renowned institute of classical ballet that is based in the Royal Opera House in London. It is one of the most prestigious academies that most dancers dream to be a part of. Marianela Núñez and Federico Bonelli are two of the most fantastic dancers that brought “Manon” to life.

Núñez, who played the show’s protagonist named Manon, is an Argentinian ballerina who signed onto the Royal Ballet in 2002 as a principal dancer. Her graceful movements amazed me. Not once did I see her quiver, or break character. Her flexible limbs flowed into each step, and moved in ways I never thought possible. Her perfection of ballet is one that I, as a ballerina, can only dream of. Her emotion and passion that flowed through each movement made me gasp, and awe at how easy she made it all seem. Núñez’s 29 years of technique training, and long rehearsal hours have payed off. She danced on the top of her toes effortlessly for three hours.

Alongside Núñez was her male partner, Bonelli, who played Des Grieux, Manon’s romancer. Bonelli is an Italian ballerino who joined the Royal Ballet in 2003. Bonnelli, with his flawless technique and strong partnering skills, was the perfect person to play Des Grieux. He whipped out eight turns without faltering, and his jumps were so high I could imagine him flying straight off of the stage. Throughout the ballet, Des Grieux acted as comforter, and love interest for Manon. He did everything in his power to save Manon, and this showed through Bonelli’s dancing. Bonelli’s constant passion, and powerful force that he brought to the stage was a joy to see.

The Royal Ballet’s incredible dancers had me in tears by the third act. I highly recommend going to see the Royal Ballet on Feb. 10th as they will be performing Swan Lake.