Ramen and Various Snacks Will No Longer be Sold at the Decafé


photo by Megan Hussey

Megan Hussey, human resources editor

On Thursday, December 3rd, the DECA program announced that due to nutritional guidelines, the Decafé will be changing its entire inventory. Once they sell out of the current inventory, the ramen noodles and various chips will no longer be available.

For about two years now, Edina Public Schools has been following specific nutritional guidelines. They changed the menu in all the cafeterias in order to follow these regulations. However, the Decafé has been able to get around these rules, continuing to sell things that qualify as “unhealthy.” Starting today, they will no longer be able to do so.

“I knew that the nutritional guidelines existed, but I had always thought that the Decafé was exempt from them,” said junior DECA officer Katherine Johns. “The Decafé is going to try to bring in ‘healthy’ options, although our choices are extremely limited.” As of right now, all the drinks except for Arnie Palmers are believed to be allowed to stay. As for food, pretty much everything violates the regulations put in place by the district.

Whether or not the Decafé will continue to make as generous a profit as they were before is still in question. “It’s not as much about the money as it is not being able to fairly pay our workers for their competition dues,” said Johns.

“We are considering the possibility of fresh fruits and vegetables,” said senior DECA officer Mari Spitale. “I’m also worried about our competition fees. Nationals cost $1,100 last year, but Decafé profits brought it down to $300 for competitors. Next year competition fees may not be as reasonable.”

The guidelines may not be as reasonable as they seem. “I don’t understand why we can still sell zero calorie diet sodas but not Clif Bars or almonds,” said Spitale.

Regardless of all these new changes, the Decafé will remain open and ready for business. “I encourage everyone to consider our new options. We will do our best to provide healthy and tasty snacks,” said Spitale.

decafe disclaimerphoto by Megan Hussey