Instagram Updates

Max North, staff writer

Instagram started off as a way for people to post photos for their friends, family, and other followers to see. Now, people use it for sports updates, taking political stands, see what their favorite celebrities are up to, and fan accounts. When you first started, you probably had an average of three posts an hour on your feed, but now you probably follow double the accounts you used to. The reality is that Instagram users miss on average 70% percent of the posts on their feeds. The people at Instagram are aware of this and are making one big change.

Typically, you can set your phone down for an hour and then check back later to see all the photos that you missed in chronological order. On March 15, Instagram announced that this won’t be the same in the near future. The social media application will soon be based on certain algorithms, showing the posts in the order that that it thinks you will find the most interesting. Instagram is not the first to make this change, though. Facebook has been based on this sort of algorithm for about a year now, and just last month Twitter added the “What You Missed” feed, which basically shows any popular tweets that were posted if it had been awhile since a user opened the app.

On a different note, one may have noticed that the culture of instagram has also changed. instead of using it as a way to show what you’re doing, for instagram users, specifically teens, it has become a contest to see who can get the most likes. Sophomore Taylor Oberpriller has some thoughts on this “I think that as people get older they become more competitive and they want to show they are better even if it’s their friends,” said Oberpriller. Instagram is hoping that their new algorithms will make it less of a contest and more of a way of showing your friends what you’re up to. If people are seeing the posts they want to see first, they’ll focus more on the post and less on what comes along with it such as likes, tags, and comments.