EHS club allows soccer fans to practice in the winter

Art Boettge, staff writer

While most EHS students are probably still sleeping after busy weekends, the field house is sure to be filled with lively soccer fans enjoying one of their favorite sports on Monday mornings. Even though the outdoor soccer season has ended, some players continue the game with Futsal. “Futsal is a Latin American type of soccer, it’s indoors, and for us, it’s on a basketball court. You play four on four with a goalie, we use a different ball that’s smaller and heavier, and it’s really fast-paced. Lots of skills are used and it’s a really fast game,” junior Will Swanda said.

For many of the players on the team, Futsal is a great opportunity to play soccer, even when it might not be possible in Minnesota’s sub-zero winters. “I really like soccer, so I thought it would be fun to try just to get extra chances to touch the ball,” sophomore Henry Rose said. Additionally, Rose has a very long history of playing Futsal. “I’ve played on teams that have been part of different leagues and different tournaments with Futsal for about five years so I played for a while, and this was just the first opportunity I had to do it at the high school,” Rose said.

Every good club has a great advisor, and for the Futsal team, EHS principal Andrew Beaton is happy to support the club. “I’m a soccer junkie, I love it, and I’ve been a player since I was five years old. I was a coach for over 20 years, I really love it, and being the advisor was a chance for kids to get together in a low-stakes environment,” Beaton said.

The Futsal Club is always looking for more members, and are very accepting and excited to get more people in their games. “There is no requirement to join. You have to have shoes, you have to enjoy playing, and I would love to see the group get much bigger,” Beaton said.