Disney+ conquers the internet

Caroline Seiler, Staff Writer

After the release of Disney+ in the U.S. on Nov. 12, 2019, many students at Edina Schools have been using it to watch all the Disney content they desire, while others who cannot afford it are being left out. Disney+ is conquering the streaming industry, only a month into its release.

Competing with other already-existing popular streaming programs like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Video, Disney+ was considered one of the most anticipated platforms pre-release. Over the past few years, Disney has been removing their content from Netflix, leaving people frustrated as to why they cannot watch it anymore. It just so happened that Disney was concocting a streaming service of their very own for just $6.99 a month, almost half of Netflix’s average subscription price. Since the Disney+ platform promised all of the original Disney movies leading up to 2019 and new Disney Original Series’ like the Mandalorian, the platform caught eye to many across the world. 

The question: is creating a streaming service of this size a positive thing? “If you can have [Disney+] it’s positive, but I feel like for those who can’t afford it, it’s kind of hard to see everyone else get to watch it [when you] might not be able to have access to it,” junior Lissi Reid said. Disney’s objective to do this would be for the money, gaining more as they release the platform around the world.

Even though Disney+ has not been released in most European countries yet, the service is currently available in many other nations including the U.S., Australia, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand. Disney is a monopoly that tries to get the most money they can, and there is a widespread belief that it is trying to “take over the world.” Releasing an exclusive streaming platform as a hub for Disney content causes a lack of diversity of content on the web. This can also cause other platforms to go out of business, because people do not want to pay for multiple streaming services. Whether or not the Disney+ platform is bad, it allows you to watch any Disney movie you desire, for a lower price than many other streaming services.