What’s your playlist personality?

Rayelle Washington, sports editor

Hip-hop: Gangster

  • You are a gangster.
  • You are always “swagged out.”
  • You live in an urban area.
  • You have at least two tattoos.
  • Your pants never reach higher than your knees.
  • You wear gold hoop earrings, that you can fit your fist through.
  • All of your shirts come from the kids section, while your sweatpants are three sizes too big.

Pop: Prep

  • You live in the ‘burbs.
  • You have more tube socks than regular socks.
  • Your favorite stores are Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister.
  • “You quit the cheerleading team and joined the marching band just to live out that Taylor Swift song”- Senior Annie Dehnel.
  • You know all the words to “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.
  • Your music blares out of your BMW as you cruise down the street.

Country: Hillbilly

  • Your favorite activities include making moonshine in the backwoods and fishing.
  • You serve as the pastor to your cousins weddings…to each other.
  • You own an old pick up truck with wheels taller than your waist.
  • Your wardrobe consists of Levi jeans, flannels, old, dirty wife beaters, and cowboy boots.
  • You chew.

Alternative: Emo/Scene

  • All your clothes come from Hot Topic.
  • You wear black eyeshadow and lipstick and constantly dye your hair wild colors.
  • Your music is always loud enough for everyone in the halls to hear through your ear buds.
  • Skulls are an everyday occurance in you fashion choices.
  • You have at least six holes in your body that you weren’t born with.

Indie: Hipster/Wannabe hipster

  • Your favorite store is Urban Outfitters.
  • Unless you are a true hipster, then UO is way too mainstream- thrift stores are more your scene.
  • Oxfords and maxi skirts/ dresses are your wardrobe staples.
  • You have thick rimmed glasses- even if you have 20/20 vision
  • Your only mode of transportation is your banana bike.
  • Every weekend you can be found sipping a green tea latte at the Tea Garden.