The tale of two EHS juniors and a hockey podcast

Aditya Suresh, staff writer

This past summer, rather than relaxing, Edina High School juniors Jacob Meyerhoffer and Matthew McGarvey got to work creating their hockey podcast, “U16toTheShow”. 

Having played hockey ever since elementary school, the two juniors, after gaining inspiration from another hockey podcast, “Spittin’ Chicklets,” decided to start one of their own. They hope to “just give people a good laugh” and to “educate our listeners about hockey,” McGarvey said.

While primary topics of the podcast concern hockey, the two will occasionally branch off to cover Fantasy Football, NFL Football, and high school life in general. The topics are seasonal, shifting towards the biggest topics at the time.“Whatever our listeners want, we give it to them,” Meyerhoffer said.

The two will occasionally invite their friends onto their podcast to record episodes, discussing funny topics and hypothetical questions such as: “Is Tom Brady the best athlete?” and “Would you rather be 5’ 5” or 7’ tall?”

Their podcast has become relatively popular, garnering a following of over 75 listeners per episode. A recent episode featured Dale Wise, a Canadian professional hockey player who currently plays for IK Oskarshamn of the Swedish Hockey League.

Having known each other since kindergarten, and being on skates as early as they can remember, Meyerhoffer and McGarvey were destined to become friends when they met on their junior hockey team. During the offseason, they bonded and became close friends. Currently, the two play for EHS’s Boys’ Hockey team.

The two have their own YouTube channel, u16totheshow, and their own Instagram account, where they have over 200 followers, sell their own merchandise. You can find their podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or anywhere else you listen.