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Aditya Suresh

Aditya Suresh, Multimedia Editor

Bazinga! The Amazing Aditya is back! Fresh from getting his license and failing to grow any taller, Aditya Suresh (ah-dee-tee-yea su-resh) has returned to Zephyrus for his third year on staff as one of the new multimedia editors. Being his last year, there’s bound to be sorrow as he progresses through his final days at Edina High School, but he’s here to say that “nothing’s gonna break [his] stride!” When not busy listening to various artists on repeat for too long at a time or swimming back and forth monotonously in a pool, he loves hanging out with friends and watching reruns of La La Land. Seriously though, Aditya is very excited for his last year on staff. Using his powers as one of the new multimedia editors, he hopes to craft a lasting structure that will empower future staff members to pursue their passions in multimedia (Adobe Premiere Pro, get ready :)). As always, if you’d like to talk to him or get to know him, just ask him about pretty much anything, he knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two (except pop culture, he’s still very much clueless about that).

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Aditya Suresh