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Aditya Suresh

Aditya Suresh, Staff Writer

Aditya Suresh (he/him), a sophomore at EHS, is uber excited for his first year on Zephyrus! As a first-year, Aditya’s looking forward to improving his writing skills, meeting new people, and making tons of friends. When not complaining about the amount of homework that he has and being very confused about pop culture references, you can find him outdoors and on the trails, or inside, binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy until his parents tell him to stop. He absolutely loves to bake and makes killer cookies, (if you ask him for some, he just might deliver). Aditya also loves hanging out with his friends, trying to fit theatre into his schedule, going out, listening to his favorite band (Wallows), and doing some pretty stupid things (just don’t ask). If you’d like to talk to him or get to know him, just ask him about pretty much anything, he knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two (except pop culture, he’s clueless about that).

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Aditya Suresh