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Aditya Suresh, Design Editor

So he’s back! From driver’s ed. Fresh from getting his permit (and growing an inch taller), Aditya Suresh (he/him, Ah-dee-tee-ya, you’re so very welcome :)) has returned for his second year on staff as one of the newly minted design editors. Being his second year on staff, Aditya’s looking forward to meeting even more people, improving his writing & design skills, and living up to the legendary Izzy Wagener’s (the previous design editor) legacy. When not struggling to keep up with his classes and 10 clubs, Aditya loves hanging out with his friends, listening to music (especially his favorite band Wallows), and swimming. Aditya hopes to push Zephyrus’ design team to new heights and explore all the possibilities of Adobe’s InDesign. As always, if you’d like to talk to him or get to know him, just ask him about pretty much anything, he knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two (except pop culture, he’s still very much clueless about that).

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Aditya Suresh