Not-so Fantastical Football

Meredith Nemerov, Staff Writer

Fantasy football has taken the Edina High School student population by storm. Many students have created leagues consisting of friend groups, sports teams, and family. While regular football features head-to-head combat, fantasy football is no less competitive. Players fuel their competitiveness through hilarious and semi-gruesome punishments for the losing team. Below are some of the punishments for EHS students. 


Photo By: Malak Alkhatib. A headshot of Stephen Kanti Mahanty.

Stephan Kanti Mahanty, Junior

“I play fantasy football with my swim team and one of the punishments my league does is where you have to shave your head or your entire body. Another thing we do is send embarrassing calls to our parents or say something embarrassing online. Our punishments usually revolve around extreme embarrassment.”





Photo By: Malak Alkhatib. A headshot of Jessie Malek (Malak Alkhatib)


Jessie Malek, Senior

“My family and I love watching football, so we decided to start playing fantasy football with the entire extended family. Every year my family has a winner and a loser trophy and the loser has to keep the trophy on display in their house for an entire year. After the football season is over, our whole family gets together and we all partake in shaming the loser. As bad as the punishment sounds, fantasy football has been a great way of connecting with my family in other states and it makes a great conversation piece when we get together.”


Photo By: Malak Alkhatib. A headshot of Humza Chaudhri. (Malak Alkhatib)


Humza Chaudhri, Junior 

“In my league, the loser is locked in a dog pen and the winners get to throw objects at the pen. Last year, my league made the loser eat a ton of hot sauce while the rest of us got to cheer him on. I’ve also heard of other leagues forcing the loser to get a tattoo on their face or wear a crazy outfit to school.”




Photo By: Malak Alkhatib. A headshot of Kyle Conte. (Malak Alkhatib)


Kyle Conte, Senior

“I get to play fantasy football with many kids outside of Edina which can be super fun. In my league, we make the loser chug a gallon of milk and then we make him run a mile. One of the punishments that I’ve had to go through was where I had to cut my hair shorter.”