Edina Zephyrus

Kawthar Benarouch, Artist (Out of Class)

Kawthar Benarouch (she/her) is a Sophomore excited to be illustrating for her first year in Zephyrus. During her free time, she enjoys listening to music, Karate, hanging out with friends, reading, going outside, volunteering, drawing, and decorating her room with self made things she will probably re-do or take down within a few months. Her interests constantly change and so does her room. She likes reading series such as Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and anything that would probably never happen in real life, but she forgets everything about every book right after she reads it. She is currently reading the 6th book of the school for good and evil but she already forgot what happened in the 5th. It might mean memory loss, who knows. She doesn't take Zeph as a class because she has no space in her schedule (she had to take health and gym instead of student prep this year) for school so she is an outside artist. She doesn’t have any other discernible personality so that's it.

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Kawthar Benarouch