Reilly Shane, business manager


Olivia Wegmann-Krider

“Just like that.”

Aditya Suresh, multimedia coordinator

Reilly Shane, Zephyrus’ resident Business Manager and Zonding expert, has been a part of the Zephyrus staff for three years. As the Business Manager, Reilly saves all Friday afternoons by bringing Znacks (they’re delicious). Reilly also helps plan all Zonding events, including “Zurvivor,” Zephyrus’ own version of “Survivor.”

One of the things that Reilly has enjoyed throughout his high school experience is the school food. While it may seem controversial, his go-to meal is always a nice school lunch. “The school food, I think it’s amazing. I don’t care what people say,” he said.

Reilly’s favorite memory of high school is the homecoming parade. “I remember when I first moved to Edina, I remember going to that parade each year,” he said. This past year, Reilly was chosen by his class to be on the 2022-23 Homecoming Court. One of the perks of being elected is that the Court gets to participate in the parade by riding in cars. “Yeah, that was crazy. I got to see like old teachers, classmates. You know, I’m a park counselor in the summertime, so I saw a bunch of kids that I had during the camp as well, which was very touching,” Reilly said.

When not bringing snacks or planning fun activities for Zeph, Reilly’s passion is music. Going by the moniker “Lil Frosty” in middle school, Reilly would put out fun and enjoyable music videos. “When I initially started doing [music] back in like middle school, I kind of had this goofy persona to myself,” he said. Reilly continued his music career throughout high school and recently released his debut EP, “For the Ride.” Reilly hopes to continue making music in college and is excited to look back on his growth through music. “I feel like I’m growing up throughout my music…which has been beautiful,” Reilly said.

Looking back, Reilly said the one thing he’ll miss most about Zephyrus is the community. “I’ll definitely miss the people that I get to talk to every day. It’s crazy the relationships I’ve been able to build in this class,” he said. Reilly is unsure of what he wants to do in college, but he’s ready to keep moving forward.

This piece was originally published in Zephyrus’ print edition on May 18, 2023.